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Monday, November 15, 2010


My desk
Right next to a window and a good spot for drinking cappuccino
and writing letters
So many letters, so little time

Work in progress
I have a great big work table with lots of room for cutting and pasting and glueing and creating and teaching small workshops.

Work table
It isn't always covered in papers 

Some mail supplies, notebooks I've made,
and a copy of Carolee and Jennie's fabulous book
Good Mail Day

(you all know about the book, right?)

And, thanks to my "followers" for the encouragement.
Hit Number 25 today.


  1. I keep coming back to look at these photos of your workspace, it's just so visually tactile! Inspiration wherever you look.

  2. Thanks -- I just love being in my studio and even though it looks disorganized I can usually find what I am looking for. When I am surrounded by all my stuff I get creative.

  3. Haha, your desk looks just like my when I'm working ;-)



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