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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A wonderful long letter, on beautiful stationary from Annejo
(yes, even with the postal problems in the Netherlands it arrived!)

And another beauty from S. in New York City
Well worth waiting for
(but those airmail envelopes and letters you found at Brimfield are really making me jealous!)

A zine from Australian arrived in this really terrific envelope
Zine: Push The Envelope postal zine
from Good Night Little Spoon

And from Kiyasu in Taiwan
another very interesting letter

A photo postcard from Greece from my
comrade in mail, KT

And, yes, why phone when you can write?
A beauty from Jennie Hitchcliff

A beautiful warm San Francisco day, the Giants won the World Series (sorry, but I had to mention it) and lots of MAIL!
Life is good.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy it arrived :-)

  2. There are postal problems in the Netherlands?

  3. Because the postal market in the Netherlands has been privatized, the biggest Postal Service (which all non-company's use) fired a lot of fulltime postmen to hire part-timers and students to cut costs. Which lead to lots of mail not being delivered, whole days of mail being thrown in gardens and dumpsters etcetera. Also, in the sorting centres the mail is being held because there are not enough people to sort it, things like that. Then we had a few strikes locally, mostly in the west where our big cities are. There is going to be a national strike on the 16th of November. The trade union is trying to work things out with the Postal Service and the government is putting pressure on them because they need to "deliver" (bad pun). So it's a big mess and this is just the situation from the top of my head.... I'm sure there's more factors involved. :-)

    I noticed that the last two weeks my Postcrossing cards are being delivered EXTREMELY fast which may have to do with some (shocking) documentaries that were on TV (on the national channels) about how our mail is being handled. They need to stop the loss of profit and win back the trust of the people....

    Big comment, hope I explained it well :-)

  4. Wow! Thanks for explaining that, Annejo. Kaz wondered and you did a much better job than I could. That is very unfortunate. Good luck with your mail.

  5. Miss Pamela -- I'm glad you got the postcard! Gotta love the dymo. Good mail AND a world series win?! It's made for some crazy days lately...
    PS: loved reading the above comment about postal delivery in the Netherlands -- I had no idea. Thanks Annejo!

  6. Making me feel terribly lucky right now that our mail carriers do such a fab job. This morning I saw our letter carrier walking across the park with her bag of letters... we waved at each other... it was a very Mr. Rogers Neighborhood moment. The mail is almost of number one importance in my life. Good luck to the Netherlands.

  7. Why oh Why have I not been keeping up with your blog?! Love it!

  8. Not too late! Thanks for comments, Steph. And write me a letter!



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