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Friday, November 19, 2010

In and Out

Incoming from Donovan from the LWA.
Love the stamps
and what was inside was pretty great too.

Cool vintage stamps from RO.
The stamps weren't even cancelled.

Out to Annejo

And, to Carter, goes a big thank you
for the wonderful pack of vintage letters she recently sent.

And off to Sammie in Australia with some surprises inside.

These are my "fall collection" envelopes
but unfortunately I couldn't mail  the beautiful leaves with them.

Lots more going out and coming in
but in my eagerness to rush off to the mailbox or tear the envelopes
open I often neglect to photograph them.

Welcome to the mail lovers who are reading the blog all over
the world - Taiwan, Australia, Italy, Finland, the UK, Russia
Canada, the Netherlands and Malaysia!
Would love to hear from you.

Happy Mail Day Everyone!



  1. Such pretty autumn leaves. It feels surreal when it is such a warm late-spring day here. I might even go to the pool this afternoon.

  2. The pool? Hard to is cold, dark and raining here right now. But very cozy here in my studio! Our seasons (USA/Australia) are opposite, right?

  3. Your envelopes are always so pretty, and I instantly know when I receive mail from you just by the way the envelope looks! Pretty! The leaves are cool also.

  4. Is Williams77 my pal with the initial S or the initial L?

  5. I got the letter yesterday! I liked the paper with information about fungi on the inside of the envelope, it made me smile :-)

  6. Happy it arrived -- and you liked the inside. :-)

  7. I love your blog. I collected stamps and airmail letters growing up. This really brings back memories. I'll gladly follow your blog. Thanks for following mine. And yes, I do ship machines everywhere.

  8. Thank you, Tom. i love your blog too. And I am going to ask Santa to check into buying my a typewriter from you! (Did you see the post of the old typewriter manuals with the photos of "finger positions" etc)?



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