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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Postal Friendly City (Budapest)

Budapest is a very postal-friendly city. If you are looking for a place to mail this.....

...or maybe won't have to look very long long................

......before seeing one of these...
And is that a great mail box or what? Just look at that little envelope on the side with the red dot!

I only mailed four of these incredibly fun postcards (sorry guys) and they got delivered to the USA very quickly.
Budapest puts mail boxes on post cards. Postal Point Number One.

And they have a really great Postal Museum (Point Number two). We don't have a Postal Museum here in San Francisco. But we should.

This is the street we walked down to get to to the Postal Museum.....lovely, isn't it?

If you get to Budapest I suggest a visit. Lots of vintage Hungarian post boxes to ogle. 

Interesting exhibits. And did you notice that wall?

Just in case you need to see it close up. I may need this in my studio. Anyone want to come over and stencil?

Delicious Hungarian stamps with postal workers and post boxes on them....

And some very cool mail...

A display of a postal workers desk from way back in the day....see all those seals on that envelope?  Those are "security envelopes" and I found two at the Budapest Flea Market.

I want to take all these home with me me....but having a picture of them is almost as good. 

And, if a Postal Museum isn't enough -- there is also a Stamp Museum. And it is amazing.

The Stamp Museum is filled with interesting displays....

and rows of these pull-out drawers that are filled with stamps from all over the world.
The collection is so huge that only a portion can be displayed here in this room.

And -- due to an introduction from my pal Alice -- I got a personal, guided tour from the delightful
Lucky me! Monika took time out of her workday to spent a couple of hours showing us around the stamps.

It was so lovely to meet her and we are now swapping mail art.

See those things that look like small records? Those are stamps!
No kidding.

The Stamp Museum

Ladies room door.....Monika's idea and I think it was a really good one..

Me and my new best friend.....

This is the last of the "travel posts" from  my last trip. Thanks for coming along for the ride and all the nice blog comments. 

I wonder where I'll be off to next? You know I'll be packing up my mail art kit one of these days.

Where would you like to go?

Only three more blog" followers" needed to hit 300. A nice round number.
Tell your friends.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Postal Week...

I am trying to keep things tidy...really I am.....but I find I seem to work better
when everything is right out and in my face and I can get inspired...

...I made these two collaged postcards by pulling from the paper
ephemera on my work table...see what I mean?

Ok, I admit, those wire shelves are getting pretty darn filled up with STUFF...
but I can't help myself when there are free tables at the various mail art
events I've been going to...
In fact, this has been a great week for mail art fun. The SF Correspondence Co-Op
celebrated our one year birthday at a party last Sunday
and on Friday night there was a great Letter Writing Social at ARCH here
in SF -- typewriters, rubber stamps, stationary....and wine!

This proves I am trying....I actually cleared off my desk and put things away or
in to the old wire can actually see the top of the desk now...

ESTY STUFF for sale -- I am working on getting my stuff ready for the Etsy shop...
I have boxes of (no longer available) onion skin typing paper and
vintage lettering guides and all kinds of fun stuff for mail artists..vintage flash cards,
old cards and stationery, handmade envelopes, zines...

More Etsy....packing up those vintage eraser sets...these were very popular at the Co-Op birthday

More vintage for sale...

Sorting through some of the old French postcards I will sell - if I can manage to part with them..

Old books that I tear up for collage and envelope-making

I may have gotten a bit carried away - I signed up for the Index Card a Day challenge
as well as the new Elevated Envelope Swap ....

A wonderful drive down the beautiful California coast yesterday. Great views an a stop
at a really good yard sale. Picked up that old Postage Stamp Album and the Royal Quiet deLuxe typewriter manual since I have a Royal..I am going to tear apart the Postage Stamp book and fix the broken binding and re-make it into some sort of artist/altered book. Don't be too
jealous -- almost no stamps inside!
Saw this mailbox -- stop the car!!!!!!!

Hard to clean up when there are so many mail art events to go to, field trips to take,
lunches to eat, mail art to make and of course, cappuccino to drink.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little (Paper) Eye Candy


Oddly enough this clown envelope took ten days to get from San Francisco to Chicago.
Kelly P and I are wondering where the detour was along the way.
Maybe someone in the USPS is afraid of clowns.
Some people are, you know.


A bullet train going out to Sarah....

And a horse envelope for Michelle, who loves horses....


Dim sum for GinaVisione and some postcards going out...
I am loving to round those postcard corners these days...


Sushi envelope to the bento-box mail art maker Kelly P, a bird for PLH
and I can't remember what went to who else....but they are pretty,
don't you think?


These babies are international travelers -- out to IB in France and to
Annejo in The Netherlands.


Another postcard with rounded corners...and a collaged card for Carol.


Kelly P and Tallie -- you've got mail!
And they correspond with each other too.
I love the mail art world. And I love that yellow- green envelope - my favorite color.


What's percolating? Some coffee-mail going out tomorrow since I was too lazy to walk up to
the post office today.


 I got mail this afternoon and had a fine time reading it! Thanks you all.


Hope you have all been busy making mail art and dropping it in your mail boxes.

This weekend is the SF Mail Art group, The Correspondence Co-Op's first
anniversary. One happy year of mail art and new friends and we are going to be
celebrating on Sunday.

Working on a "studio tour" post and will surely post a few shots of the mail art birthday party too.
And a Letter Writing Social is coming up on June 1st at ARCH.
Oh--and this weekend SF is celebrating the 75th birthday of our beloved
Golden Gate Bridge.

Have a happy and safe Memorial day weekend (if you live in the USA) and write some letters
or make some mail art too.

Send good mail -- Get good mail!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spread the Word

I went to the SF Zine Fest over the weekend, ran into a bunch of friends there. Some were
buying and some were selling. And some were buying and selling.
I came home with lots to read and enjoy. Lots of creative people out here.
I highly recommend a visit next time, if you missed the Zine Fest this year.

Zines, zines and more zines. These are the archived ones from the zines library.
And for those who live in the Bay Area -- did you know you can visit the
Book Arts & Special Collections
room at the SF Public Library (main branch on Larkin Street) and sit down and look at
the zines they have in their collection.
It is a terrific resource and a great way to spend a few hours.

Red Letter Day Zine Table
You can get into some serious trouble here.

Incoming Mail
I am having a good mail week too. Maybe because we had "No Mail Monday" I was
extra lucky on Tuesday.
A LIFE magazine from Tallie J -- with a letter tucked inside. This was really
fun to see in my mailbox. And a red inter-office envelope from the
fabulous Kelly P and a great envelope and letter from Stephanie R in NYC.

Kelly P does it again - strikes one out of the ballpark with a letter  booklet
made inside a coffee cup. (She is doing better than the SF Giants but don't tell anyone).
She knows I like a good cappuccino but one with a letter inside is even better.

Inside the cup....

Incoming Mail
And even more good stuff the next day -- I could get rather spoiled.
(But sadly today I just got one lovely but lonely postcard)
I guess you can't score every day.

A little break with a special friend on Tuesday afternoon
(you know who you are)
before working on some outgoing.

Outgoing Mail
A group of out-going from me. I spent a lazy (but productive) Sunday mostly working on mail.

On the hallway table ready for a walk to the post box.
We have to send mail to help save the USPS and also our corner post boxes.
Did you read on that link I posted last time - a corner letter box must have at
least 25 items mailed from it or it will be removed?
Get mailing people!

Take a nice neighborhood walk and drop some letters in the box.

This is what we don't want to be seeing (in downtown San Francisco).

Now this is just sad -- an old battered post box covered in green moss!
I may have to go give this one some TLC.

Send some letters -- save a Post Box!
You've got to give good mail to get good mail.
Spread the word.

Mail Artists can save the Postal Service
(or at least we can try).


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