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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swan Boats & Lobsters & Postcards...Oh My!

I'm back home and I'm not that happy about it.
We sure packed a lot of fun into ten days. So much fun that the ephemera just mostly got stashed in the pages of my travel journal loosely....

But -- that's ok because I have already finished a lot of the glueing and pasting since getting home on Tuesday night. It is fun re-living my trip.

But, looking at everything is making me wish I could turn around and fly back...

Boston was really fun, even though it rained on me. Last time it snowed so rain is better...

I scored some vintage ephemera to stash inside my journal too. What would she think of all this?
I wonder.

I think Boston has some of the best postcards I've seen...I love the airmail envelope theme they've got going on...I wish all cities had such cool postcards.

In case you're wondering, the big newsstand in Harvard Square (Cambridge) had them all.

The Boston Tea Party?

Bring on the Tea Party stamps!

The rain stopped and we had a wonderful walk around the Boston Garden. I always say hello to George Washington when I am in town.
My husband refused to go on a swan boat ride with me though....

We spent the rainy day at the Gardner Museum -- a favorite. 

I recommend a visit if you visit is near the Museum of Art so you can hit both of them on the same day. Especially if it's raining. Or, snowing. I've been there for both...

These are not San Francisco restaurants.
If you visit, I like Legal Seafoods and Atlantic Fish.

Enough said.

I wanted to cram everything in one post but it would be too long so stay tuned for for Richmond/Petersburg party of the trip next.
And, my travel journal is really rolling along so if you want to see that, raise a hand! Or, a lobster claw.

Real life. 
I prefer vacation.

What has everyone been doing while I've been gone?


  1. A;ways cool to see where you went and what you brought home, great taste! thanks for sharing.

  2. Gotta love your photos of Boston and Cambridge. Gotta love the ephemera you brought back with you. I'm thrilled you had a good time. Maybe Boston has changed since I was there, but I found the people/natives to be aloof and snobs. I did like Cambridge, though, so crossing the bridge made up for what I didn't feel in BAHSTON.

    Thanks for sharing your memories, and I really do look forward to seeing more. I'm just glad to see the city through your eyes (and camera lens).

    1. Hummmmm....I have always found Boston fun and friendly. So many college students....Maybe you should visit again? And the food!!! YUM. I love how old it seems compared to SF. The travel journal is nearly finished now. I've been woking on it.

  3. Hi Pamela - I've been reading your blog for a month or so and you have been inspiring me to up the fun quotient on my letters. I thought I was one of the last people to use 'snail mail', but I am glad to know I was wrong!

    Loved hearing about your trip to Boston, but now I have postcard envy. I hope you bought the one with the ducklings!

    1. Well, hello Mrs Bill -- so nice to have a new blog reader and a new comment. There are lots and lots of us in the mail art community so you are not alone. I didn't buy the postcard with the ducklings but I did see them in the Boston Garden. I remember reading Make Way for the Ducklings to my son years ago,

  4. Those postcards! Thanks for the update.

    1. I know! Don't you wish every place had such cool ones? I couldn't find any good ones in some of the other places we visited....



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