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Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Public Service

Maybe you need a little bit of inspiration to feel some holiday cheer. I know I do. I am kind of a scrooge anyway and this year is leaving a lot to be desired.
California is burning. Again. And I won't even mention politics.
But, in spite of it all, I still like to look at pretty things -- and I am hoping you do too.

My friend -- who threatened me not to identify her or else -- is a fantastic and creative gift wrapper.
She wrapped ALL these beauties as a fund raiser for my mail art group's holiday party.
They sold for $5 each -- yes, there are surprises inside -- and people were grabbing them up for the beauty of the wrappings.

Who needs Martha Stewart?

My friend's wrapping?.......

Or, Martha's?

Hands down these win.....

Grouchy Cat

My friend should be in a magazine......don't you think?

Who would think to put a blinking, battery operated Xmas light on a gift?

How fun is this one? I think the box was stamped this way but you could get some plain boxes and do the same thing for a mail art lover. I am -- and I am going to add more postage and cancellations because that's just the way I roll.

I bought this one -- and, ahem, a few more....
And, I haven't even opened them yet but they have been shaken and poked.

These are some of mine.....wrapped before I saw all that eye candy....but I kind of like this theme too...I used old book pages.

I just happen to have lots of old book pages to use and that is creative reuse for sure. And once opened, my friends can use the papers for collages.
Want a couple of ideas of things to put inside the beautifully wrapped boxes?

How about a fabulous custom rubber stamp?

2ImpressShop has some fabulous rubber stamps for mail artists. I have three and I want more (hint, hint) Tell Bo I sent you, ok?

I am in love with sari ribbon

Holly is delightful to order from and the sari ribbon is beautiful for wrapping around altered books, adding to altered tags or vintage clips. Tell her I sent you.
I am getting nothing from this -- not selling -- just want to help you out with ideas and promote these two very delightful small businesses...

All packed up and already gone.....a holiday box for my sister....who has ZERO willpower and I have to put THREATS on her gifts and tell her not to open them till Xmas or else.
Santa WILL know.

Another tip -- that I am sure you all must know -- in the US, Flat Rate Priority envelopes come in three sizes and are free at the PO. No matter what you stuff inside and how heavy they are, the rate is fixed and they come with $50 insurance and tracking.
Such a deal.
That's why I could send a friend CANS of Los Palmas enchilada and chili sauce...she is in Virginia and they do not have the fabulous Mexican food we have here.
But they do have grits. And a ribs. I digress...

OK, so I hope this post inspires you to feel FESTIVE. 
I will feel a lot more festive when the fires in CA go out but I am trying....
Send California good thoughts.



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