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Monday, November 13, 2017

Marche aux Puces Paris

Marche aux Puces
Those old keys!

I am back from my travels and I don't want to, just to cheer me up, how about you come along to the marche aux puces avec moi......
I promise, you will have a great time.

When I move to Paris, I know where I can buy all my old flat wear...

I found some old French holy cards and postcards in this box..

Tres chic, wouldn't you say?

The flea market was huge....table after table after table....and I had to see them ALL.

These were tempting but I didn't buy...I think they are rollers for stamping...

I did buy some of these sweet old vintage bags .... I will find a way to include them in my altered book or travel journal.

Hummmmmmm, ant killer?

It was freezing cold and I didn't have warm enough clothes but I was so over-excited I managed to last till I saw everything...
I will show you what I bought in another post (if you want to see).
The Paris flea was great but I have to say I think the Lisbon flea market was better (and cheaper).
Want to see some photos of that?
Let me know in the comments if you do.

I have photos of castles and chateaux, food and outdoor markets, post boxes and post offices, Le Tampographe Sardon  Rubber Stamp Shop, the Musee de la Poste shop, flowers and parks and streets...
Well, let's just say I have A LOT of photos so if you guys are interested in anything special, let me know. I can't post them all.
I posted on Instagram and FaceBook the three weeks I was away but I hope some of these are new. I know a number of my blog readers aren't on IG or FB so I thought I'd share a little here.

What do I like about jet lag?
You're in your very own time zone.
I think I need to go lie down.....

Send Good Mail -- Get Good MailBien sur!

Monday, November 6, 2017

So, what fascinates you?

I am fascinated by old passports. The stories they could tell. I wonder about the people who held them and the places they went.....
And, some -- like this one -- are so filled with visas -- I can't bring myself to cover them up.

This guy.

Bad hair aside....he looks a bit like a hippie....but the places he  went.
I had to google S.A.R. and I'm still not sure what country this is. Anybody know? Is it South Africa?
I love those postage-like stamps they stuck on there....

The visa on the right is for India..more cool stamps and writing...

Jordan is a little off the track.....




I can't even tell with this one is....

He had an Afghanistan visa in there too...


The woman who sold me this passport (Hi Eleanor!) was joking it was a "hippie passport" but I think it was more than that, hippies didn't go to Russian and those Middle Eastern countries back in the 70's. It is a wonderful mystery to me. I would sure like to know his story......wouldn't you?

I went to multiple countries on my last trip and only got ONE crummy passport fun at all. I'm trying again again this year.....if they don't start stamping my passport I might have to bring some rubber stamps and stamp it myself!


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