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Monday, March 28, 2016

Looking To Exchange Mail Art?

I love mail art.
And, I know, if you are reading my blog -- you do too. People ask me all the time if I will exchange mail with them and sadly, I have to say, my plate is too full.
here is a post to help you out if you are are looking to exchange mail art and having trouble finding folks to trade with.....

For me, starting my blog a number of years ago, was a good move. I have received so much good mail that I am running out of room to store it all.
I've made lots of lovely mail art friends and met people all over the world who are interested in mail art.

Here are a few links to get you started --

Shouting at the Postman

International Union of Mail Artists
(the grandaddy of mail art sites)

Letter Writers Alliance

Beautiful incoming handmade cards sent to me by Dawn C

You can also check out Mail Me Some Art where there are lots of on-going swaps posted and you can choose what looks fun to do. If you get work you like in the swap, just write the sender and ask if they want to do personal trades with you....

Incoming mail surprises from Judy K

And, you can check out Extraordinary Penpals too.

And, read and comment on mail art blogs like
Envelope 100 
Heleen Mail Art
Adrienne Mason Art
There are lots of links on these blogs to other mail art blogs.....just keep looking....

Incoming book made by Michelle C

I'm sure by now everyone knows about Postcrossing but I'm including here anyway.
Incoming Mail

Someone mentioned this postcard swap in the comments in the last post
iHanna postcard swap
See what I mean? I get good mail. I'd say even GREAT mail. And you can too.
Remember, it's not the quantity that's important -- it is the fun of creating and sharing good mail.

And, look at my pal Monica's blog for eye candy and inspiration and ideas of mail art to send to  all your new pals --
The Artful ReCrafter

Incoming origami wallet -- filled with vintage stamps -- by Sally W

I have gotten new mail art pals through Instagram -- the blog has an IG page so check it out.
If you follow mail artlovers you can message them and ask if they want to trade mail with you.
Same goes for Facebook. There are mail art groups on Facebook, including IUOMA and mail lovers, follow them and get yourself in the mix.

Check out my old post about getting pen pals right here

Still some pretty good information and encouragement here and some nice postal photos to look at too........
(even if I do say so myself)

Most importantly
You've got to send good mail to get good mail.

****Here's the fun part***
If you are looking for folks to trade with, just write a comment and put in your email and maybe some of your could be a nice forum for finding others to trade mail with.
I can put it up there top right in the blog's Featured Post for a while and maybe we'll get some new trading going on.
So go ahead, be daring!
(You can set up a free gmail account just to comment on the blog and use for mail art)

And if you have any ideas I missed, please share.
And, please do leave a comment even if you aren't looking for new people to mail too. I would love to hear from you all and know that you are out there in cyberspace.
You don't want me to get lonely, do you?
Your comments are all much appreciated so let the mail art party begin!

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail


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