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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let the Party Begin

My birthday is this weekend but my friends have already declared this to be my entire birthday week. I really can't argue with that concept. I'm rolling with it.

Yesterday there were presents. And cookies. What's not to like?

I love having my end-of-March-and-almost-Easter birthday. In San Francisco, anyway.
Because there are flowers blooming in my backyard....

My favorites are lilacs. The lilac bush my husband planted for me years ago manages to always squeeze out some lilacs right at the birthday.
Not a lot, but I will take what I can get.

LOOK at this card! I'm in typewriter cool. And a certain. lovely and generous someone
(you know who you are) also gave me that great postcard stamp.

Ok, so I treated myself to an art playdate with a friend and we went to SF Scrap and look what I found there. My lucky day.....and yes, I did pick some of these unmounted stamps up for friends too. I'm not a total pig.

Never seen these before....kinda cool.....

And, on a food shopping trip today I saw a big bag of these free Styrofoam  blocks -- ah ha!!!!!!

Let the stamp mounting begin! (There is a tip for you guys). I just cut it up with a mat knife and glue those annoying little unmounted stamps on there and I'm good to go.....

Scrap had a 1968 LOOK magazine in the FREE section with this cool old typewriter ad.

And these will be perfect for collaging on and sticking in all those altered books I am working. These are the large ones....vintage and cool....

I love old and out of date stampers....1987? 1974? 1990? I want them all....

Some postcards from SCRAP -- these look like they need stamp heads to me.

I have been altering more vintage envelopes to amuse myself....

And sending out a lot of good mail.....

My friends know what I like...old paper...airmail...pretty ribbons....
So, the party started early but now that i think about it, the library big book sale is next week and I am meeting a mail art pal to stand in line....hum.....maybe the celebration will continue till the end of the month??
Funny, I have lots of ARIES friend who have their birthdays right around mine so I have been busy getting ready for those birthdays....I must like Aries since I know so many.

***I have a question for you all -- ready????***
People keep asking me to trade mail with them, especially on the blog's FaceBook page and I really can't add any more folks to my mailing list or I may be buried in mail....
They often say they would love to send out mail art but don't know who to trade with.
I was thinking of trying to do a blog post about finding people to trade mail art with -- and you all could leave comments with your email if you are looking for people to trade with.
What do you think?
Would that be helpful to you?
You can just set up a free email account just for that if you don't want to post your personal email.
I will only do this if it seems there is a lot of interest out there so let me know....

In the meantime, I'm going back to the cookies and the fun with friends.



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