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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Make Things

Tri-Fold Folder
(Just take a piece of paper you like -- double sided is nice -- and make the three folds).

I made a tri-fold folder and glued some stamp holders on it (I don't know what you actually call them). Gave them a bit of color with watercolors.....

And filled them up with air mail stamps for an air mail loving birthday girl I know....

Here's the cover of the folder -- yup, I've got an airmail thing going on there -- and an air mail envelope I slid it into....

Hope she liked it! (Happy Birthday, Monica!)
Now you can make one too.....

It 's been fun whipping out these tiny little folders lately.....I use 8x8 paper squares and paint the other side with watercolors and stamp them with rubber stamps...

The fun part is decorating theme with themes...I love themes...

8x8 paper makes tiny ones and you use 12x12 paper for larger ones.
Just fold them in half and then fold up the bottom to make a pocket -- and you're done!

You saw the Valentine tiny accordion book (last post) and here is a Postal Love accordion book....

A little peek inside...
And here's another.....I tried to match the postage stamps to the rubber stamps...

So, there you go -- that's what I've been doing. What have you been doing?
I like to make things. I bet, if you're reading this, you do too.

I got those nice, paper sleeve pages for stamps in the mail with some old stamps I ordered online.
What do they call them? Any stamp collectors out there who know? 
They are pages for three ring bingers and you add your stamps. I can think of fun things to do with them.
I have never seen them made with that heavy plain craft paper before.
I know someone out there will know.

My mail art kit is packed. My travel journal is prepped. I have my wool coat and gloves.
See you all soon!



  1. Where are you off to now?! Such fun things you've been making. I can't seem to do anything but sit on the couch and crochet lately, but maybe this post will inspire me. I could stand to use up some of that scrapbook paper I just had to have lol.

    1. Leslie - yes, you could use that scrapbook paper and make things!
      I am in NYC and freezing my you know what off!

  2. I've been making tri-fold folders out of file folders, but I like yours so much better! Especially the idea of using double-sided decorative paper--saves on the cut and paste of collaging the file folders. Beautiful work, so colorful, and fun!

    1. Thank you Jenclair - yes, double sided works great - or I do a watercolor wash and paint dabs - I don't like plain.

  3. You do such great work! Very impressed. I love the idea of the folders.

    1. Thank you Cheryl -- the folders are super easy - and fun to make. Try it!

  4. Enjoy the trip, Pamela, see and make many beautiful things while there! Looking forward to your blogs when you're back!

    1. Marie W - tearing off the subway signs as we speak.....

  5. I and the lucky recipient of this over the top wonderful AIR MAIL card. I love it and appreciate it very much. How am I ever going to top this card when your birthday comes along in March?! Thank you so much Pamela. With my birthday competing with Super Bowl Sunday my handmade cards were the bright spot!

    1. Monica -- are you kidding??? I want one of your fabulous postage stamp cake cards - or a ticket stub card - or both - for my birthday! Glad you liked your folder. Xo

  6. So cute! Great ideas for snail mail!

  7. Another great idea! Now if I could just remember to use it! Hope you are having a great trip - subway signs and all!



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