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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Welcome Home!

Back home -- and lucky to be here. Lufthansa strike when we were in Madrid the day before we were scheduled to fly home -- our flights cancelled!
Luckily we got re-booked on Delta and made it home without too many problems but thousands of other people were not so lucky.
Returned to SF in time for a wonderful thunder and lightening storm and lots of good mail.

Sad the fantastic trip is over but if you have to go home San Francisco is a good place to be.

From Virgo in Russia (blue envelope) and under that, mail from Cuan in South Africa.
I love international mail.

My pal PLH sent this little pretty....

...with these inside. So lucky to get such good mail.....Spain and Morocco stamps to stick all over my travel journal.
I tried buying Moroccan stamps in the souk and they were 5 euros for three stamps.....
I don't think so.....

Several envelopes from Monica Lee (The Artful Recrafter). She sent this cool school form from Hong Kong --- I think that photo would look really good in one of my altered passports, don't you?

Welcome home stamp-heads from Monica....

And VIZMA Mail from Australia -- always a treat.

Some matchbox art inside from Viz....

Stamp Head postcard from Connie Rose
Postcard from Miss Millicent
Mail from SK -- a lovely surprise from a blog reader whom I hadn't ever heard from before -- a wonderful handmade/collaged book.
Things like this keep me going with the blog....
(thanks SK)
(And thank you to Dana who also is a blog reader who sent me mail for the first time)

Postcard from MC

Dori Singh Mail
A handmade book using vintage Spain ephemera from Dori....

(front cover)
The book is sewn into a handmade envelope with a string cool....but then everything Dori sends me is cool...

Pretty mail from Miss Olive Cinnamon

More stamps from PLH- she knows I love Chinese ephemera....


Delightful and wonderful mail from so many talented mail artist/friends.
But it just dawned on me, now I have a whole lot of catching up to do in responding to all that good mail.
Uh oh....I guess you know where I'll be this week.....catching up on mail and working on my travel journals and blog posts about the trip....and ordering photos....I've got LOTS of photos -- food (and more food), Post Offices and PO boxes, the souk in Fes, flea markets, ancient ruins and modern day, the travel journal "on location".....will try to figure out what you all might want to see.

I couldn't photograph everything I received but many thanks to everyone who sent me mail while I was away. All much appreciated.

Anything you guys want to especially from the trip? ..Let me know because I will be working on blog posts.....


  1. Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing your photos from Morocco!

    1. Cindy - I just uploaded them and I've got some real beauties.....

  2. Replies
    1. mim - still have a lot of travel photos to post!

  3. great tag line there!! and how wonderful to come home and find good mail!

    1. Thanks, Caterina -- good mail eases the pain of a wonderful trip being over...

  4. Simple joys make a life very rich!
    Welcome back!
    So grateful for your safe return .xo

    1. Dori -- I agree -- simple pleasures are the best. And I am grateful to be home too especially considering that Lufthansa strike is still going on....coming home to our fabulous mail was a real treat.

  5. what a fantastic trip. I think you will be savoring this for a long time. Great welcome home mail. xox

  6. Welcome back home! You're right, SF is the best place to go if you have to go home. Well, Tokyo too. Lucky! So you didn't try to haggle in the souk? I think they expect you to, you probably would have gotten a full stash of stamps for that price. But I'm sure you found and brought back wonderful treasures!

    1. I wanted a BAG full of stamps -- not just three so I didn't bother.....Have you been to Fes?



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