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Friday, October 17, 2014

LA Story

Always happy to be on-the-road....even if I have driven up and down Highway 5 about three million times.
Hello LA!

The road trip might be getting a little old by now but I still love hanging out in a hotel room with my art supplies and a bunch of tourist brochures to tear up and play never gets old....

Breakfast of Champions
Hotel buffet (delivered to my room by the cool guy I travel with and happen to be married to).
I can collage and eat breakfast and drink coffee all at the same time.
I even get up early just to have time to work on mail art.
I'm dedicated.

What's Your LA Story?
I can't really tell mine here because the trip didn't go as planned but this is a mail art blog,
not my life story. 

Let's just say being in an LA ER on a Saturday night isn't for the faint of heart.

A few art supplies traveled with me -- very few -- mostly I need a glue stick.
There is a whole set of ABC rubber stamps in that Curious George Altoid tin -- pretty cool, huh?

It is nice when it's a road trip because you can bring along MORE STUFF.

No hotel stationery but there was a fun place to stick my outgoing mail art.
The desk clerk did look at me funny while I was photographing this. But, by now, I'm used to getting looked at funny.

I kinda wanted that sign....

Off to explore Olvera Street in LA. -- right across from the cool Union Station.
It is a tourist place for sure but you can really have fun there if you like mail art and postcards.
Trust me.

Postcards -- and lots of them. They have tons of them including lots of vintagey ones for 25-cents.
I get really fed up when I go to places with no postcards.

This one stall always has these cool embroidered postcards -- my favorites! And this time they gave me an idea for some mail art.......

Need a giant Mexico pencil?
Lots of the Lotteria games/cards which are always great for mail art. they even had a day of the Dead set this year (for 3x more $$) (yes, I got it)

More postcards....I am too cheap to pay $1 though...

Day of the Dead stickers?
Yes, I think they will work for Halloween mail...

Philippe's (Home of the French Dipped Sandwich)
Philippe's is right there too -- a block away from Olvera Street & Union Station.
A fun spot with sawdust on the floor.

A good place to finish up writing your postcards while waiting for food.....and I just happened to have made a Philippe's postcard to send to a pal....

There it is now -- the French Dip!

Philippe's gives you FREE postcards too. Always a plus in my book. And you can buy tee shirts and Philippe's mustard too.

Should I wear this for Halloween or Day of the Dead?
What do you think?

One last breakfast and collage-making session and I was back on that  darn Highway 5 for the drive back.
SF to LA
LA to SF

So, if you are heading to LA, I suggest a stop at Olvera Street for some fun supplies, lunch at Philippe's and check out the cool Union Station.

It's all good and once you get there, there is no more driving. We parked for $4 all day.
No driving is LA is a good thing.
And mail is a very good thing.
What are you been making and sending?
Halloween mail?
I am working on bunches of things, as always, including Thanksgiving mail-art and prepping a small travel journal...

Say hello!


  1. pamela: got your hefty parcel in yesterday's post & your LA postcard in today's batch. hand delivered to me by the way from my postal carrier's sub. a delight! thank you!!!

  2. Ooh la! I seriously like those colors below that French dip. Philippe has great taste. :)

    Hope your dad is better and on the mend.

    1. Thanks, Limner -- maybe you need a Philippe's tee shirt! Thanks for the kind words.

  3. You ARE a very dedicated mailer! :-)
    Oh I miss California. One year ago I was in San Diego and San Francisco. Seeing those beautiful palm trees on your pictures made me miss it even more. I want to go back!! :-((

    1. Oh yes -- I am dedicated! And yes -- why don't you come back? Those crazy palm trees are so SoCal!

  4. I used to live in Orange County and work in LA!!!! If only I had had an artist eye then... love your finds!

    1. Maybe you will have to go back for a visit, Pam -- and bring your artist eye with you.

  5. sounds like a fun trip. We're on Cape cod today and the first thing I did was collect almost all the mags and brochures on the motel awaits!

    Got tar uber fabulous package in the mail last week! I was overwhelmed, and have been cutting, tearing and gluing for days now!

    THank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Cape Cod -- how fun! Haven't been there is years but loved it. Have some lobster for me .And yes -- all that tearing and pasting is so much fun, isn't it? I am so happy you got the package of pages and liked it -- have fun!

  6. My goodness you can pack a lot of art-making and fun-having into a small time and space. Well, maybe the ER wasn't too much fun :(
    Can we see that Day of the Dead Lotteria set or are you saving up for a Hallowe'en post?

    1. Hi Adrienne -- I can pack a lot in. Didn't make any art during all those hours in the ER though.....hum.....probably going to put the Day of the Dead lotteria set on the Cappuccino & Art FaceBook page. You follow that, right? Olvera Street was a terrific place to take Halloween photos. I got you a lotteria set but the had trouble mailing it -- will try again, maybe sending it in several envelopes rather than one....

  7. Just came back from vacation in St. Augustine to your hefty envelope! Thank you so much! Also, I know exactly what you mean about that I-5 drive...traveled it many times as a kid to see family. The only consolation was Disneyland at the end. Love all of the cards you created. Very creative.

    1. Hey Cindy -- glad you got the envelope and hope you have fun with the ephemera!

  8. Another great post, Pamela! I just hate it when there's no postcards, too, and people act like you're crazy for asking! Beautiful images! I love making mail art & decorating my journals in hotel rooms! Cheaper than therapy. xo

    1. Thank you, Asli -- no kidding, way cheaper than therapy and way more fun too! Nice to "meet" another lover of creating mail art in hotel rooms.

  9. Great mail art in the making and some fabulous displays of post cards in LA. No Er though, not a good thing. xox

    1. Corrine, the ER was definitely not a good least the tearing and pasting was relaxing.

  10. Wow, it sounds like a fun trip, Pamela. I too love all of the cards you created...I always love your works.

    1. Thanks, Gaby Bee....happy you liked the cards. I try to save one from each trip as a little diary.



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