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Monday, July 8, 2013

Making More Mail Art Envelopes

You could say I like to make my own envelopes.....
With all the paper ephemera I pick up I have to do something with it.
Karen Isaacson asked me to do a guest post on making envelopes for

Mail Art Mondays
Check it out if you're interested in making some envelopes. And she is hosting an envelope swap too.
I thought I'd go ahead and post a few more of my handmade envelopes here.

I pick up very cheap or free books whenever I get the chance. Great for making envelopes.
This has a bunch of kids stories like Little Bo Peep and Hansel and Gretel that just called out for me to fold them into envelopes.

A bike envelope for a biking friend.

More from another kid's book....that raccoon (or whatever it is) is a little scary.

Comic books make fun envelopes....

The bird lovers get bird envelopes and a certain chicken lover I know got that chicken envelope.
You know who you are.

Old Atlas books are really great for envelope making. Love the greens and blues.

Mona Lisa likes mail. Just sayin'....

Outgoing in French

I love to use menus too...

OK, this isn't a handmade envelope but I like to mail off all kinds of things. This is a nice case that is the perfect size for storing sheets of stamps or typing paper mailed off to a pal.

Another not-an-envelope -- a mail art pencil case mailed off to the Netherlands.
Yes, it arrived.
The postal clerk loved it.

Vintage magazines are great for envelopes. Just make sure the paper folds ok and isn't so brittle it cracks. National Geo's and Life magazine are both usually filled with great images to work with.

I picked up a bunch of (free) Chock Full of Nuts coffee bags when in NYC.
With a big of cutting off the tops and tape to close them up and a mailing label they made really fun envelopes to mail out...

Washi tape is always fun to add some interest.
Washi tape is not a permanent tape so I always use some invisible tape to hold down the seam or ends of it.
I usually make up bunches of envelopes at at time so I always have a stockpile ready. If there is a special one I want to send to someone I just label it with a sticky note.
The decorating goes on after the envelope is filled -- that's the fun part.

Personally I am partial to the typewriter envelopes. Probably because I am partial to typewriters as you all know.

Hope you enjoyed the envelope tutorial on Mail Art Monday and it inspires you to get busy and fold.

What are some of your envelope making tips? Or questions?
Love hearing from you.



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