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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pretty PO Pictures

Sebastopol, CA Post Office

Not a lot of words in this post. I'm just going to show you some pretty postal pictures.

Postal Scale -- I really wanted it......

Pasadena, CA Post Office
Outgoing mail art -- curbside mailing....

San Luis Obismo PO
I loved the pink building with tourquise window trim -- so Southern California

Summer vacations -- Be sure to send lots of postcards! And visit some new post offices.
Pack your mail art kits.

Back from my road trip.
Came home to a lovely pile of mail. And now to catch up!
Answering mail, working on projects and a new post but here are some pretty pictures to tide you over.

Happy beginning of summer (even if it is raining here in SF).

More very soon.

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  1. Nice P.O., gorgeous boxes, adore those eagles....xox

    1. Thanks Corrine -- I'm glad you like them. So few comments for this one I guess most people don't enjoy PO pictures.....but I do....

  2. I wish my PO was as pretty as these. Heck, I'd just settle for my PO box being that pretty.

    1. Karen
      Your PO box is pretty as long as it's filled with mail!

  3. Gorgeous photos, a real pleasure, thank you for the show!

    1. Thanks Marie! I am glad somebody likes the photos....

  4. Post offices are so cool. Those mailboxes with the golden eagles are great. I never seen any like them in person.

  5. You must come to Petaluma and see our beautiful post office on 4th Street!! It's so lovely. I'll try to take photos and see if I can send to you. It's a gem!

    1. sweetrsyl--I go to Petaluma pretty regularly . I can't remember if I've visited yourPO but I will be sure to stop by next time I am up there.

  6. Replies
    1. Alisa--I know. I had bad thoughts in my mind but I didn't act on was tempting tho...



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