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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Vintage Hearts
Today I bet most of you have hearts on your minds. A heart-shaped box of chocolate is good but these vintage paper hearts make my heart go pitter-patter. 

Valentine Telegram
Found for 25-cents at the Vintage Paper Fair -- now this guy Jim knew how to win a girl's heart.
Hope Marjorie liked it.
I know I would like a Valentine telegram. If we still had telegrams.

Now here is one going out to my a velum envelope....hearts and flowers and decorated all the way.
Boys like fancy mail too.
(Good thing he doesn't read my blog)

Here's another one for him...
because yeah...he is my husband and my sweetie so he gets two. Plus out wedding anniversary is in exactly one week. You wouldn't believe how long we've been married.
A long time.
And I'm not telling either.
I could add this one to the envelope since he is a musician who sings bass....

Now I hope all of you have made or bought and sent Valentine's to your loved ones.

And I hope you all get a lot of valentines too! And chocolate. And if no one gives you any -- just buy your own!

Vintage Valentines
AWWWwwwwww you're just my type......thanks for reading and commenting on the blog!

OUTGOING TO MY SWEETIE -- it better get delivered today.

The French always have romance on their minds, bien sur!
My 2013 Valentine edition.....
By now I hope they have all been delivered....

Happy Valentines Day to you all.
Just remember, valentines can be for anyone and everyone -- best friends, old grannies. nice people,
celebrate happiness!

Tomorrow the mail-art joss post.

I've got to go eat chocolate.....

Now, what are all of you doing to celebrate today?


  1. Gorgeous mail art you made. Your sweetie is lucky to get that vellum envelope in the mail and your 2013 edition, swoon....Happy hearts. xox

  2. I like the memories of the shoe boxes in Grade School that we would decorate and they had a mail slot in the top for everyone to drop your Valentines in. Then you got to take them home and read all the "mail." It used to be one of my favorite days. But then when I was in the work place and saw how it affected people who did not get anything (and just wished they had a honey), when others got huge bouquets of flowers and sometimes even jewelry etc. I had second thoughts. So now I try to remember those people who need more love all year long. I really like that you are keeping the old mail part of the holiday alive, Pamela. That makes me smile :)

    1. Totally agree, CJ. But the shoe box mail boxes were sure fun!

  3. "You're just my type"...what a great Valentine sentiment! Great vintage Valentines, Pamela.

  4. Love that vintage typewriter one! Great collection of valentines. Hope you had a fun day!

  5. Got my Valentine, sweetie! Thanks - I love it!



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