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Friday, August 24, 2012

What Have I Done?

Where have I been? I just realized it has been about twelve days since my last post.
Time just flies by, I tell you.
I've been busy.

Working on my zine for one thing. The Correspondence Co-Op is having a
table at the SF Zine Fest next weekend.
You've gotta have a zine at a zine fest, right?
There is also going to be a table for creating mail art and all kinds
of other wonderful things to do and see so I hope to see some of you there.

I have had several ideas for postal zines but no time to make them.
But now I have this one all finished. I'll post some photos of the finished version next time.

We'll see if anyone buys these and maybe I'll make some more...

Is that a GREEN Dymo-taper I see?

You bet. Someone knew green is my favorite color and gifted with me
not one - but two - green Dymo's.
Vertical and horizontal.
With Red Dymo tape.
How cool is that?

And, oh yes, I did got to a wonderful meeting of the Co-Op last Sunday.
Lots and lots of show-and-tell and sharing and fun.
We really do have too much fun.

Of course my passport got numerous stamps--mailbox artistamp by JH,
Dahlia artistamps by GinaVisione and typewriter artistamps by JU.
How cool are they?

For once I actually sat and collaged some postcards with papers I found at the meeting.
Usually I socialize.
This time I managed to multi-task.

And I've been sending out lots of mail. PLH is taking a train trip so there is a
definite train theme going on in the three envelopes I made for her.

Collaged postcard made from purchased postcard.
Collaged postcard for Karen to celebrate her summer vacation.

Postcard (from Vintage Paper Fair)

Zine-making, collage, mail art, meetings and yes, I do believe my OTHER passport
will be getting some new stamps soon too.

See you at the zine fest? in the mail?


  1. Your life looks so interesting! ;) Cute postcards!!

    1. Thanks, Marina. It is pretty interesting! But I don't write about the boring bits.

  2. Where can I buy your zine? It looks very cool and I'd like to have a copy.
    I really like your blog.

    1. Well, if you are in the Bay area you can buy one at the zine fest next weekend in Golden gate Park. Or e-mail me through my profile e-mail.

  3. Save a copy of your zine for me too! I'd LOVE to buy one from you!! ~~Linda

    1. Ok--you got it. I will see how many I sell at the zine fest and do a "second printing" if I need to.

  4. me too! I'll buy one if you'll post it too australia, or I can send you my zine on carving stamps as a swap?

    1. jen -- sure-- let's trade! I love zines and want to learn to carve stamps. Let me do the zine fest next weekend to see if i need to print more, ok? You can email me your address through the email on my profile.

  5. Oh I really like what I can see of your zine. Great stuff Pamela. xox

  6. Dymo tapers, zines, and Turkish Airlines. What a treat.



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