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Thursday, July 5, 2012

OK -- You asked! (Booklet Making Tutorial)

Get a nice piece of 8-1/2 x 11 paper (double sided looks best rather than white on the back)
and place it printed side down on the table..

(I suggest reading through all the directions first and using a piece of white printer
paper to practice on before using your special paper)

Fold it in half like this...

Then fold the halves in half -- like this....

Now your paper should look like this

Then fold two edges up about a 1/2 inch (no more)..I just eye ball
everything and never measure

Then fold corners into triangles....


Your paper should now look like this

Fold the flaps in so your paper looks like this -- and now flip the paper over

(so this side is on the table)

Lay this flat on the table

And FOLD down the top as shown about an inch or so.....
Then (I missed a shot here...)
Fold UP from the bottom and tuck the two corners into those little
triangles up top -- you can do this!

Now you will have THIS!
Isn't that just so cool?
You can actually fold it in half either way here, depending on which sides you
want for the cover...
Next you add pages...

Just showing you...
So now you are going to cut out some cool pages....
mine are usually 3-1/4" x 5"
Just cut 'em out.....fold in half and press into the spine of the booklet..........

I hold the paper in place by using binder clips....

Use an ice pick or an awl to punch holes so you can sew the binding easier....

And here you go -- just sew the pages in place and you are done.
I used waxed, linen book binding thread but you can use butchers thread or embroidery

The finished booklet!
Now the fun part - there are four little "secret" pockets to put tiny treasures in...
You can write a letter on the pages
and/or rubber stamp them..
So many ideas...

The booklet itself actually takes about two minutes to make - believe it or not.
The papers and sewing them in takes a bit longer
but these are actually very fast to make.

Another finished booklet--
travel booklets, booklet about the fun things to do in your town, a how-to booklet,
a mail-art inspired......the possibilities are endless...

Hope the photos show you how to do this -- please let me know how it goes.

How about everyone who makes one, send me one and I can do a post with photos
of all the different versions of the BOOKLET!
It is so interesting to me to see what people do when using the same process --
everyone put their own stamp on their work.

So-- CALL FOR ENTRIES -- send me a booklet (within two weeks) and I will provide documentation
to all and show them in a post.

Have fun!!


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