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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lots of Incoming!

Since I've posted a lot of my outgoing mail, I thought I'd show you a little incoming
eye candy
right here. I laughed out loud when I pulled this long letter out of a small
mailing tube. From the infamous Kelly P -- and typed with a cursive
typewriter and with lots of embellishments.

More incoming love and eye candy from the lovely GinaVisione. 

Here is a wonderfully painted envelope from the very talented Karen Isaacson
who gave Cappuccino and Art a great shout-out on her fabulous blog
iamrushmore (click that link to see!)

And from not one -- but four - mail artists came this postcard written at the National Postal Museum's Letter Writing Social in Washington DC recently --
many thanks to PostMuse, Melissa, maryhasound and Becky the snailmailer!
What fun to get a card from all four of you.

From Julie in Germany -- loved all the tiny envelopes all over the card.

Yes..there is even more....Alice, Millicent, KSP, JU, all know who you are
and I loved it all.

Not exactly incoming....this was lunch.....

This week brought some fabulous mail from The Elevated Envelope swap -- if you missed it  I suggest you watch for the next swap Tara hosts. It has been so much fun.
This amazing watercolor horse came in a barn envelope from Michelle.

Check out what I made for the Elevated Envelope swap right here!
(think typewriter envelopes)
And check out the beautiful calligraphy Tara does too. 

INCOMING (Elevated Envelope Swap)
A lovely fabric sewn envelope all the way from Australia to SF....
Incoming (Elevated Envelope)
And from Greece......Thalia outdid herself -- she carved the rubber stamps you see that decorate her envelope and the small artist book she enclosed....a real beauty.

Another beauty, this from Canada....Courtney made this map envelope with a sewn thread showing it's travels...and a little flap with a heart sticker that says
"Open Me" (typed, I might add).....don't mind if I do.....

I hope you can read this.....her theme was "secrets of a letter" and this shows how far her letter traveled to reach me and lots of interesting clever!

A couple of outgoing from me......Man, I really need to get real busy.....

I am working hard at my work table..I have a whole lot of catching up to do...
thanks for all the fabulous mail everyone!


I post additional photos and mail art links on the CappuccinoAndArtJournal's
Facebook page.
If you don't see your mail to me here, you may catch a sight of it on FB.

Happy Weekend to all and now I better get back to work.....


  1. Love all of that great mail. I see that a couple of mine made it into the picture- honored to be there. Have a super day Pamela. Hope the sun is shining at your house- it's gorgeous here at mine *smile*.

    1. Millicent--it is really beautiful here in San Francisco now. Enjoying it before the chilly and foggy summer weather shows up. Thanks for your mail too.

  2. Hello Pamela,

    I love all the snail mail on your blog! ;) Can I send you some snail mail too? I hope so...

    Bye from The Netherlands,

    1. Thanks so much Marzia! I am a bit overwhelmed with mail at the moment (hard to believe, I know). I think I better catch up with everyone I owe mail to before taking on any new projects but I will keep you posted!

    2. Thanks Pamela. I understand it :) Writing letters is great but also a lot of work. Have a nice week and I will follow your blog.

      Bye, Mariza

  3. Hello! Been reading your blog here and there. Love all the mail you get and send out. I would love to send you some mail, too. Email me and maybe we can exchange addresses. the_roaddummy_1atsbcglobaldotnet. All this stuff you posted looks so very fun!!!!


    1. Melanie (see above) -- thanks so much and I will keep you in mind too if I ever get caught up -- or even close to caught up!

  4. Love seeing all that beautiful mail - - lucky you!
    I've sent my envelopes for Tara's project and am eagerly awaiting some incoming (have had one simply divine one that I blogged about)



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