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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Supply List

I keep seeing "Back To School" ads everywhere.
What's on your list?

Some cigar boxes for storage?

Certainly you'll need a pencil case and some scissors.
And maybe a really old book to tear up,
or doodle in.

Why would you put plain old tape on your list when you can get
washi tape?

Of course flash cards are always very handy.
Math wasn't my favorite subject in school but I love math flash cards.
Some language cards are good to have too.

Beautiful old wood rulers?

And, of course, you know you need to cover all your books like I covered mine.

The teachers aren't the only ones who can have have rubber stamps.
Ink pads in lots of colors on the list?

How about a date stamp?
Handy for homework, n'est pas?

Back-to-School is so much fun, especially when you don't actually have to go back-to-school!
And for mail artists, it is a great time to get pens and pencils and glue sticks and all kinds of stuff really cheap.

Some of my outgoing mail.
Hope everyone got them -- I found out you are supposed to put twenty cents extra
on see-thru envelopes. Who knew?

Outgoing postcards

All nice and neat in an old wire bin I found lurking in my closet.
And, now to answer......

Hope everyone is having lots of good mail days.

Don't forget to tell me what is on your list?


  1. This is such a fun post with great photos! On my list is more TIME to create with all the fabulous papers I've collected!

  2. I just love back-to-school supplies, but not because I need them. There's just something so beautiful about fresh pencils and pristine notebooks. It also brings back memories of going off to the first day of school with new supplies and a new outfit. Sigh.

  3. Oh, great supplies, love all that wash tape, love that stuff so much.Great tip about see through envelopes. Sending those is like giving your art to everyone who handles it along the way. Visual candy for the post office. Fun post Pamela. xox Corrine

  4. i think i'll play hookie this year! ;-D

  5. Brochure paper, full page see-thru labels, printer ink cartridges...

  6. Love your photos! I'm fully equiped, though I might need some new cigar boxes.

  7. What fun to see all your photos! Oh, the memories from good old school days. How 'bout writing tablets?? I found some old ones still on the shelves at an est. 1930 drug store in a small river town last weekend...what a great find for only 79 cents!!!

  8. I want that box of washi :)

  9. All good ideas -- I want a new back-to-school outfit too, Christine. And, Happy Mail Day--those old notebooks are a real find. How fun -- what will you do with them?
    Stephanie--I bet you have more washi tape than I do! I saw your post....

    How about a mail art/postal lunch box????



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