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Monday, May 23, 2011

Just My Type!

Just my type -- saw lots of old typewriters in LA over the weekend.

Loved the look of the red and black ribbons
(even though I don't think that made the typewriters very happy).

Very stylish!

After the typewriters, a visit to the Getty Museum.
Really wonderful place to look at art, walk in the garden (here) and sit in the courtyards.
No mail art shows but lots of other great stuff to to look at.
And I love those trees.

Time for a drink?

Or maybe lunch?
I highly recommend El Pollo Loco and Zankou Chicken if you are in the
City of Angels. star maps.....might be good for mail art purposes.

And a Thai newspaper has possibilities.

An Amoeba bag carried home loads of paper mail art supplies.

Postcards, menus, maps, business cards...all kinds of good stuff to make
Los Angeles Mail Art .
I better get started right away.
(Too busy having fun to make mail art in LA but I did alter some
vintage postcards I found and mail them out).

And I rolled into SF and found all this mail waiting for me! Thanks to all the lovely
people who sent me mail.
Now I must get busy and work on sending mail back to you.

I have loads more Los Angeles photos I can share if any of you are interested in seeing more
so please let me know in your comments.

I tried to photograph some cool LA mailboxes but it is pretty difficult when you are driving all the time.

Send good mail -- Get good mail!


  1. Ah! Look at all that awesome stuff. Mail art supplies, mail-art received! I love those trees! Can I see more garden pics??

  2. Those trees are magical - and your post made me want to visit LA. I really should...

  3. I love that museum picture with the trees. :) Looks awesome ! Looks like you had a wonderful time there.
    :D:D And your incoming mail looks wonderful as always. ;) I am sure you are going to be busy with these. :D

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time Pamela. The Getty, must have been spectacular and just the view from there too. Mail goodness I see. Send one of those old typewriters my way! xox Corrine

  5. What a lovely tree! And I'm sure I had the same red/black ribbon in my typewriter :-) I think a letter for you will be posted this weekend..... :-)

  6. Thanks for mail. Yes, the trees are fab'. Would love to get to the Getty. When I'm in L.A., it's for family reasons and I never get to be a tourist. Your photos are such fun.

  7. Thanks everyone! The trees are a hit. I have been busy working on mail art all week and will post the photos as soon as I can catch my breath.

  8. Oh man, love the old typewriters, Pamela. .. now I'm missing the little collection I used t have to write poems, make the ocational greeting card and slightly more subversive things. Getty trees a BIG SMASH hit I'd say. Been there a few times so how did I miss them? Were they planted after 2005-06ish, not in bloom or am going Pollo loco & need to see a nurologist?



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