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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Nice Day

Took a lovely walk around Chinatown and admired some mailboxes.
Love that red.

Looking up.

More mailboxes. Like that weathered look.

Love the old-fashioned ones.

Home for lunch and the reading of my wonderful mail.
(thank you Annejo and Linsey and Fast Eyes)

 I love hearing from Tallie.

A poofy postcard handmade by Jen (IUOMA). Even the stamps were sewn on.
So wonderful.

An embroidered woman on the back.
Who knew I wasn't supposed to cut it open?
I need to get out my sewing machine and sew it back up.
Thanks, Jen.

I have been working on my mailart projects too.
Photos to come.

Beautiful weather, interesting walk through Chinatown, good mail.


  1. I just stopped by the house to check things...............Out..
    I'll be back in a few .........And i promise i will not be in such a Rush....

    Hilton..................Feels good here.........

  2. Thanks for sharing that walk. I was just thinking I wouldn't mind being able to walk around Chinatown right now and maybe have some dim sum.

  3. Oh, the days of getting great mail art on a regular basis - I've gotten so bad about sending out - your photo of the 3 letters was the motivation I need - will send some this weekend!!

  4. Hello Hilton! Nice to hear from you.
    Christine--the dim sum is great. Wanna come and have some?
    Steph--write me a letter!



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