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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notes to the Letter Carrier

No, we don't want junk mail, do we?

But, packages are always welcome.

A little bossy, don't you think?

Why not this one?

Deliver the Letter
In my "mailbox walks" I have noticed lots of notes blowing in the wind like little flags.

I wonder, do the letter carriers read them?

Make it a Good Mail Day today!


  1. These are quite hilarious, and remind me of a place I once worked where the office manager was fond of placing bossy notes in the kitchen to address every problem - or potential problem. One day, a bemused colleague who'd had enough printed a note that said, "No more bossy notes to be placed in the kitchen!" I quite agreed. :)

  2. Goodness, poor letter carriers! All that noise!

  3. "Postperson" is not a very nice way to address someone! Ha, I'm surprised they still get mail :-)

  4. Well...I think it is supposed to be "politically correct"....we used to say "mail man" but now it is post person or letter carrier....

  5. Ah okay! We have the word "postbode" which can be male or female :-) "bode" is like an old word for a messenger... Calling someone a "postperson" would be really rude over here! Funny how that is different between cultures and languages :D

  6. A Post-Bode--I like it -- or maybe a Post-Bot!

  7. I've always liked Letter Carrier myself. It makes me think of someone safely shepherding the letters to their destination.

    These notes are fantastic! Thanks for posting them.



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